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Data Submission Information

To submit flux tower and related data to FLUXNET, please follow these instructions.

30-minute flux data:

We request that each flux data set submitted contain mandatory variables needed for data processing and variables that are strongly suggested. However all the variables are accepted. Data Requirements for FLUXNET Synthesis contains the mandatory and suggested variables.

US Flux Tower: Data Dictionary (June 2014)

US Flux Tower: Data Submission Guidelines (June 2014)

Biological data , site characteristics, and ancillary information

Biological data, site characteristics, and ancillary information are often needed to provide context for flux measurements, as well as for detailed analysis and modeling. When preparing these data please follow the guidance provided in Protocols for Vegetation Sampling and Data Submission (Law et al.)

We request that you also review the Best Practices for Submitting Data for information about how to prepare data files that are most useful for the FLUXNET community.

Finally, please place your data into comma-delimited (csv) file and attach in an email to to submit data to FLUXNET.

Data Dictionary
Data Submission