The FLUXNET data system is a component of the NASA-funded ORNL DAAC (Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center), a data center for Biogeochemical Dynamics and Terrestrial Ecology.

Science activities at the FLUXNET office at the University of California - Berkeley are sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Research Coordinated Networks (proposal) (Dennis Baldocchi, PI).

FLUXNET does not fund tower sites directly, but depends upon institutional support associated with the funding of the AmeriFlux, IMECC, AsiaFlux, OzFlux, and other networks. Funding for the numerous scientists, students, and technicians responsible for the day-to-day gathering of the flux data at individual field sites is provided by a variety of government agencies and organizations.

Agencies Sponsor Flux Measurements

Funding flux activities includes, but is not limited to the following:
AmeriFlux (the Americas network) - the following United States Departments:

IMECC (Infrastructure for Measurements of the European Carbon Cycle)
(European sites, including sites in the earlier EUROFLUX, Medeflu, and CARBOEUROFLUX projects)

  • European Commission Directorate General V the Framework Programme Key Action Global Change, Climate and Biodiversity


  • Canadian collaborators
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

AsiaFlux (Japanese and Asian sites)

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries
  • Ministry of Industrial Trade and Industry
  • Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture