vacant research position eddy covariance fluxes of greenhouse gases of bio-energy plantation

Vacant post-doctoral research position in the POPFULL team of the Research Center of Excellence ECO
We are looking for an immediate replacement of
Post-doctoral research position ‘Full greenhouse gas balance of a bio-energy plantation / GHG eddy covariance measurements in POPFULL’
This position for an ‘eddy covariance flux / eddy flux meteorologist’ post-doctoral researcher
fits within the research team (10 pers.) of the highly ambitious POPFULL project – – an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC). In POPFULL we make up the full greenhouse gas balance, a complete energetic and economic balance, as well as a detailed life cycle assessment of an operational bio-energy culture of fast-growing poplar and willow genotypes. The POPFULL team consists of researchers examining all carbon pools and fluxes; soil carbon processes; water fluxes; growth and biomass productivity; economic analyses; energetic transfers; life cycle assessment. The team is highly motivated and the first collaborative publications have been published. We plan to replace our eddy covariance flux specialist who is leaving the team for a new position.
POPFULL has been constantly operating an extendable eddy covariance flux tower – fully equiped with new, fast-response CO2, CH4, N2O, H2O and O3 gas analysers as well as with all environmental sensors and instruments – since early 2010. We monitor an 18 ha short-rotation bio-energy plantation during two entire rotations. Eddy covariance techniques are being used to monitor net fluxes of all greenhouse gases in combination with common assessments of biomass pools (incl. soil) and fluxes. Together with an existing modeling team the project enables to make predictions and simulations of the net reduction of fossil greenhouse gas emissions (avoided emissions) of biomass crops over different rotation cycles.
We offer
 A post-doctoral research position (full time) for 24 months, possible with a further extension (within ICOS)
 Salary according to the guidelines of the University of Antwerp ( or : net monthly amount between 2000 EUR and 2400 EUR – depending on years of experience – plus social security and benefits
 Integration into a top-level research group (40 pers., PLECO, see below)
 Integration into the POPFULL research team (10 pers.)
 Ample of operational budget for consumables, travel, research functioning
 A professional, highly experienced full-time technician is operating and maintaining the eddy covariance and meteorological towers since 2010.
 The University of Antwerp supports gender equality at work. The University also covers your costs of public transport to/from work (by bus, tram or train) or is offering a modest fee for biking to/from work.
 To monitor, analyse and publish the fluxes of five greenhouse gases, incl. the full greenhouse gas balance after two full rotations of the bio-energy culture (incl. use of footprint models; QA-QC; gap filling; entry in database)
 To publish these and other results in close collaboration with the POPFULL colleagues
 To supervise the performance of the technical eddy flux measuring set-up
 You have a Ph.D. in the discipline of micrometeorology, (atmospheric) physics, environmental sciences, eddy covariance flux or related fields
 You have experience with eddy covariance flux measurements as demonstrated either by your Ph.D. thesis subject, or by minimum two publications in peer-reviewed journals on greenhouse gas fluxes, or by at least three years of demonstrated field experience with eddy covariance towers
 You are fluent in spoken and written English. You are flexible and enjoy working as part of an international team.
 Ph.D. students who are completing their thesis on eddy covariance measurements and who will obtain their degree in the near future, are encouraged to apply as well.
The PLECO research group (
PLECO is the top research group within the Department of Biology and has received the maximum score in the recent research evaluation by an external audit commission. PLECO is also the core group of the Research Center of Excellence ECO (, one of the only five Research Centers of Excellence of the University of Antwerp. The Director of the ECO Research Center of Excellence, prof. Reinhart Ceulemans, is receiving long-term financial support from the Flemish Government. PLECO is hosting the Ecosystem Thematic Center of the ICOS ESFRI research infrastructure network This ICOS research infrastructure network is benefiting from a long-term financial commitment from the Flemish and European funding agencies.
Antwerp, Belgium
The city of Antwerp – where the position is located – is the home town of the painter P.P. Rubens, second city in Belgium, and receptacle of monuments, museums and churches. It is the second largest harbor in Europe, the world’s top centre for diamond processing, and a lively multi-cultural pocket-size metropolis. Only three hours away from London or Köln, and two hours from Paris or Amsterdam, Antwerp is literally located at the center of Europe and it is an attractive, inspiring, historic place.
The position is immediately available. We fill the position as soon as the appropriate candidate has been identified. For application, please submit – as soon as possible and electronically –
 a detailed curriculum vitae
 an application letter (in English) stating your motivation
 the names and full contact coordinates of three reference persons
Prof.Dr. Reinhart CEULEMANS, dr.h.c., University of Antwerp, Department of Biology, Research Group of Plant & Vegetation Ecology, Universiteitsplein 1, BE-2610 Wilrijk, Belgium. Ph.: +32-3265.2256; fax: +32-3265.2271. E-mail:
Upon electronic request the informative POPFULL leaflet and some first publications will be sent.