Ph.D. student position available immediately at Oregon State University

PhD Student position available immediately at Oregon State University in Terrestrial Ecosystem Modeling


Research on the project titled, “The effects of climate, forest age, and disturbance history on carbon and water processes at AmeriFlux sites across gradients in Pacific Northwest forests,” with focus on forest ecosystem processes influencing carbon dioxide and water vapor exchange with the atmosphere. Biological measurements are to be made and used in a process model to explain seasonal and interannual variation in ongoing tower measurements of ecosystem-atmosphere exchange at AmeriFlux sites in Oregon. The aim is to investigate different sensitivities and vulnerabilities of semi-arid and mesic forests and forests at different developmental stages to changes in precipitation and temperature patterns (e.g. carry-over effects of warm/dry phase of Pacific Decadal Oscillation and transition to wet/cool phase).


Dynamic, reliable and motivated student with M.S. in ecophysiology, ecology, environmental sciences or related discipline. Strong interest in process- and system-oriented research. Experience and skills in programming, process modeling, and working with large datasets are beneficial. Strong writing skills, and a desire to work in a diverse team environment.


Prospective students should contact Dr. Beverly Law ( ) for additional information and to submit a C.V. for consideration. Admission and other information can be found at the OSU graduate school website: Depending on area of emphasis, students may either enter the Forest Ecosystems & Society (FES) Graduate Program or Environmental Sciences (ES) Graduate Program. More information is provided on the web sites of FES ( and ES Graduate Programs (