PhD-course on "Carbon dynamics and exchange in peatlands" 2012 August 25 - September 2

PhD course on “Carbon dynamics and exchange in peatlands”
2012 August 25 – September 2
This course will provide comprehensive coverage on topics related to peatland carbon dynamics and greenhouse gas exchange including: hydrological control at landscape as well as biogeochemical levels; the role of mires for atmospheric composition of greenhouse gases and climatic feed backs; ecosystem level controls on Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance (NECB); the role of nutrients for mire carbon dynamics and exchange; vegetation and plant physiology as determinants of carbon input to the mire; mire methane biogeochemistry; partitioning terminal carbon mineralization into methane and carbon dioxide production.
N. B. We still have room for a handful of applicants and to give all interested a chance to apply we have extended the deadline until April 22, 2012.
Language: The course will be held in English
Location: The course will be held in Vindeln, approximately 50 km NW of Umeå, Sweden. The venue is in the close vicinity of several field research sites hosting ongoing internationally well recognized research.
Participants: The course is open to all PhD students who have an interest in the carbon dynamics of peatland ecosystems. The course is limited to 25 participants and if the number of applicants exceeds this limit we will select applicants on the basis of merit and relevance of their research.
Course format: The course consists of a mixture of lectures, student presentations, group discussions and field trips and field instructions. Students are also asked to bring a poster accompanied by a short abstract describing their PhD-thesis project. Students will be expected to be prepared in advance for participation in discussions.
Course credits (relevant for European participants only): 7.5 ECTS
Costings: Students are responsible for covering their own travel to and from Umeå. Other costs, including food, travel and lodging for the course duration will be covered by SLU.
Course organization: The course will be run by the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå, Sweden.
Course instructors: The course will be taught by 10 well merited researchers whose expertise cover a comprehensive range of aspects related to the course theme. The instructors are: Nigel Roulet, Professor, McGill University, Canada; Patrick Crill, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden; Juul Limpens, Lecturer, Wageningen University, the Netherlands; Mats Nilsson, Professor, SLU, Sweden; Tobias Eriksson, Dr. IIASA, Austria; Jonathan Klaminder, Associate Professor, Umeå University, Sweden; Hjalmar Laudon, Professor, SLU, Sweden Mats Öquist, Associate Professor, SLU, Sweden; Matthias Peichl, Assistant Professor, SLU, Sweden; Andy Siegenthaler, Dr, SLU.
Expression of interest: Please prepare a brief CV and a statement of 200 words or less outlining your PhD research topic and why you think the course would be beneficial to you. Compile this information as a single Word file with your surname as the file name. This information and any other enquiries should be sent to Mats Öquist by e-mail ( no later than April 22, 2012.