Postdoc position C fluxes southern Chile

Title: Carbon flux / Southern temperate ecosystems in Chile

Organizations: Universidad de Chile and Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity

Location: Chile

The Chilean temperate carbon exchange and inventory project aims to quantify and monitor sources and sinks of carbon gases in key temperate ecosystems. This project will quantify the net exchange of carbon dioxide in natural forest and peat land ecosystems, including variation in above- and below-ground processes and the effects of land-use change and management. Finally, tools would be developed as to identify and quantify not only key ecosystem processes regulating the net exchange of carbon dioxide in temperate ecosystems at site scales, but also the sensitivities and uncertainties of these processes to variation associated with global change. The research of this project will thus aim to enable more accurate estimates of Chile´s net greenhouse gas emissions and potentially help decision-takers and landowners to measure, manage and mitigate carbon emissions.

Job Description: The Chilean Long term Socio-Ecological Research Network (C-LTSER) hosted by the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity is initiating a large long-term carbon flux monitoring system to understand and model aboveground and belowground carbon fluxes in key temperate ecosystems within Senda Darwin Biological Station, Chiloé island, southern Chile.

The following questions will be addressed:

(1) Are southern temperate rain forests carbon sinks?

(2) Which are the roles of soil carbon processes in the carbon balance of temperate rain forests?

(3) How does the carbon cycle of southern peatlands differ from those in the northern?

(4) What can we learn from the carbon balance in key southern temperate ecosystems?

We are seeking a two or three Post-Doctoral Research Fellow interested in Forest Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology and/or Ecological Modeling. The Research Fellow will be expected to develop his/her own research program in association with this project and submit a research proposal for a Postdoc Research Grant to the Chilean Science Fund (FONDECYT: Deadline for submissions is May 15th 2012, for further information in relation to the conditions and requirements for this application please contact Jorge Perez-Quezada ( and/or Juan Luis Celis ( FONDECYT postdoctoral grants begin in October 2012 and provide a monthly salary of around 2,800 USD, as well as money for research (~ 8,000 USD) and 3,000 USD for travel expenses to come to Chile. We will provide advice for formulating the proposal to FONDECYT and access to all published literature on the study area in Chile.

The selected candidate will work in a team to design the carbon-monitoring program for focal temperate ecosystems and the forest-carbon modeling and data handling system. S/he will synthesize data from eddy-flux carbon systems to inform ecosystem processes/functions that account for large parts of carbon emissions.

1) Ph.D. degree obtained not before July 1st 2009 and no later than June 10th 2012, in Ecology, Ecosystem Ecology, Forestry, Forest Ecology/Conservation, Ecological Modeling, or a closely related field.
2) a proven ability to develop research programs, publish in scientific journals, as well as modeling and statistical skills.
3) ability to work well in teams.
4) Fieldwork experience, and physical and health conditions compatible with fieldwork.
4) Preferred: Spanish language skills.