FLUXNET Database

The FLUXNET database contains information about the site location and site characteristics as well as data availability. Eddy covariance data at 30-minute frequency is maintained by the individual tower or by networks to enable standardized data processing, gap-filling, and formats.

The following are a list of characteristic that may be available for each site:

Basic Site Information
- Site name
- Site identifiers
- Status of data collection
- Country
- Regional network (can be more than one)
- Related research projects
- Map of tower site
- Lat / Long
- Investigator(s)
Additional Information (when available)
- Investigator contact information
- Link to investigator web site
- Link to network site page
- Link to additional data sources (MODIS, SARS, etc.)
- Tower Site Photographs and/or Webcams
- Site Related Publications
- FLUXNET Determined Variables
- Elevation (from DEM) in meters
- IGBP Land Cover classification
- Koeppen climate classification
- Investigator provided data